How to place a new order based on a previous order

You don’t have to request a new quote for every Path order. If you have similar image-editing needs to a previous order, you can use that order to immediately place a new order without going through the quote process.


Start a new order

First, you’ll need to create an order template (if you haven’t already). If you already have an order template, you can go to MY ORDERS and click the START A NEW ORDER button in the upper-right corner.

Select a template

The window will show your saved templates. Click SELECT for the corresponding template.

Then confirm you can use a template: Select Yes — base the price on my previous order and click CONTINUE.

You will be taken to the new order customization screen.

Customize your order

Your customization options include:

  • Change the turnaround time
  • Enter the number of images you need

Change the turnaround time

Depending on your deadlines, you can adjust the turnaround time for receiving your edited images back. Look for When do you need the edited images back? and select the option that will work for you. You can choose from as little as six hours to more than three days.

Changing the turnaround time for your edited images will also affect the price. The longer you give us, the lesser your investment. We’ve also added handy percentages that show you just how much the price will change.

Enter the number of images you need

Click inside the form or use the arrows to choose the appropriate number.

Tip: Remember that you’ll need to submit a separate quote if you have additional images with different editing needs.

You may not need to change the following settings of your order since you’re using a template:

  • Select a return file format
  • Choose whether or not to resize your images
  • Straighten, crop, and set margin
  • Include necessary additional comments

Learn how to adjust these settings if you need to

Tip: You can create multiple templates based on a previous order with different settings, so that you can place order quickly using the right template without having to change those settings every time.

Add your order to your shopping cart

After you’ve made sure all the settings are correct, click the ADD TO CART button in the lower right corner. Then complete your order.

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