How to create and save an order template

You don’t have to request a new quote for every Path order. If you have similar image-editing needs to a previous order, you can use that order to immediately place a new order without going through the quote process.


Find the original order

To place your new order based on a previous order, you’ll first need to locate your original order. To do so, log in to your Path account and click ORDERS in the main menu bar.

On your orders page, scroll down until you find the original order upon which you want to base your new order.

Click the button that says SAVE AS TEMPLATE.

Create an order template

  • Name your template
  • Review your image-editing services
  • Attach a sample image
  • Choose your return file format and size
  • Finalize and create your template

Name your template

You should see a pop-up that says Create a template based on an existing order at the top. First, name your template. Remember to use a descriptive name that will help you place future orders more easily. “Sneaker line product photos white background clipping path” is better than “white background.”

Review your image-editing services

Below your template name you’ll be able to review the image-editing service(s) this template is for. This will be automatically pre-populated based on the order you have selected to create a template from.

If you need different services, you’ll need to request a new quote.

Attach a sample image

This step is optional. If you want to upload a sample image, you may do so by dragging and dropping the file into the box, or clicking anywhere in the box to select the file you want to upload. It’s okay to skip this step.

Choose your return file format and size

Let us know which file format you’d like us to return your edited images. Click to select an option from the dropdown menu.

Learn which return file formats you can choose

Then let us know if you want us to straight, crop and set the margin for your images. This is a complimentary service we provide. Leave the box checked if you want us to do this, and uncheck it if you don’t.

Below that, you can tell us what size you need your edited images to be. Select Resize and enter the new dimensions. This is helpful if you need uniform product photo sizes, for marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy, for example. If you want us to return your edited images in the original size, select Keep original file size.

Finalize and create your template

Add any additional comments or notes if you need them, and then click the orange CREATE TEMPLATE button.

You should see a success message that looks something like this:

Place a new order with your order template

Click the orange button that says START A NEW ORDER.

The window will show your saved templates. Click SELECT for the corresponding template.

Then confirm you can use a template: Select Yes — base the price on my previous order and click CONTINUE.

You will be taken to the new order customization screen.

Customize your order

Learn how to customize your order

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