How do I order multiple photo editing services for my quote?

Did you know? You can order multiple services at once. That means you can have your products clipped onto a transparent background and retouched to remove wrinkles from clothing. Or you can clip an image for a white background plus add ghost mannequin and drop shadows. 

Here’s how to order multiple photo editing services when requesting a quote with Path. 

1. Request your quote

Log in to your Path account or, if you’re already logged in, click on the ORDER YOUR EDITS button at the top menu of our website. 

2. Select your first service

On the quote request page, you’ll see a list of the following photo editing services: 

  • Clipping path
  • Multi-clipping path
  • Image masking
  • Shadow
  • Photo retouching
  • Ghost mannequin
  • Color variants
  • Vector conversion

Click on the v arrow to the right of the name of the first service you want to select. This will expand the subcategories of that particular service. In this example, we chose clipping path and then selected Complexity 1

Click the ^ arrow to the right of the name of the service to collapse the options. 

3. Select your second service

Now find the name of the next photo editing service you want to order and click the v to the right to expand your options. In this example, we chose shadow and then selected the drop shadow subcategory. 

Some subcategories include additional options. Drop shadow is one example, with one option: Complexity 1

Repeat this step if you need additional services. When you’ve selected all your services, click the ADD INFO button in the lower right corner. 

4. Choose your turnaround time

You can get your photos edited in as little as six hours. This is helpful if you’re working against a tight deadline or need the files back quickly for another reason. 

5. Select add-on services

Let us know if you need your product photos resized, cropped, or straightened. These services are provided at no additional cost. 

6. Upload your images

Let us know if you have additional notes or comments and then click the UPLOAD YOUR IMAGES button in the bottom right corner. 

You’ll be taken to a page where you can tell us how many photos you need edited in total.

And then upload your unedited product photos. 

Next, click the ADD CONTACT INFO button. 

7. Add your contact information

Here, tell us your first and last name as well as your email so we know where to send your quote information. 

Then click the SUBMIT QUOTE button in the bottom right corner. We’ll email your quote within 45 minutes—remember to check your email and approve the quote so we can get started!

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