How do I choose image complexity for reflection shadow services and how much does it cost?

A reflection shadow makes products look like they’re resting on a reflective surface. There are three options for image complexity when you order reflection shadow edits:

  1. Complexity 1:Basic reflection shadow (starting at 69¢ per image)
  2. Complexity 2: Simple reflection shadow (starting at $1.29 per image)
  3. Complexity 3: Complex reflection shadow (starting at $2.99 per image)

When to choose basic reflection shadow for shadow > basic reflection shadow

Basic reflection shadow is the simplest reflection shadow to create. Select this option for products with flat or asymmetrical bottoms. These can easily be flipped to create a mirror effect without too many adjustments in Photoshop. 

Basic reflection shadow edits start at 69¢ per image. 

Here are some examples of products that would likely qualify for basic reflection shadow

  • Smartphones and tablets

  • Watches

  • Simple jewelry, like a bangle bracelet or pendant
  • A tube of lipstick or other small cosmetic item
  • Bottles of liquor
  • Perfume

When to choose simple reflection shadow for shadow > advanced reflection shadow

Simple reflection shadows apply when you need to add the shadow to one or two products with bottoms that aren’t flat or symmetrical. These are slightly more complex edits to achieve, as the shadow needs to be adjusted in Photoshop to make it appear realistic.

Simple reflection shadow edits start at $1.29 per image.

Here are some examples of products that would likely qualify for simple reflection shadow

  • A pair of shoes

  • A handbag or wallet

  • Packaged goods, such as a box of cookies

  • Furniture

When to choose complex reflection shadow for shadow >complex reflection shadow

Complex reflection shadow applies for the most advanced jobs. Select this complexity when you need to add reflective shadows to three or more products. Complex reflection shadow edits apply even if all the products in the grouping have perfectly flat or symmetrical bottoms. 

Complex reflection shadow edits start at $2.99 per image.

Here are some examples of complex reflection shadow edits we’ve done: 

What to do if you don’t know which complexity to choose

If you’re not sure which complexity to select, you can always select basic natural shadow and leave a comment. We’ll check it out and send you an accurate quote. 

Remember: you’ll need to approve the quote before we start retouching your images. 

You can add comments during step 2 of the quote request process. 

On step 2 ADD COMMENTS, scroll to where it says “Is there anything you want to tell our retouchers about your edits?”

Enter your notes in the box underneath where it says ADDITIONAL COMMENTS.

After you submit your quote request, you’ll receive a quote via email within 45 minutes. If you don’t see it, make sure to check your spam folder.

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