How do I choose image complexity for beauty airbrushing and how much does it cost?

There are two categories and pricing for beauty airbrushing photo retouching:

  1. Complexity 1: Basic beauty airbrushing, starting at $1.29 per image
  2. Complexity 2: Advanced beauty airbrushing, starting at $2.99 per image

When to choose basic beauty airbrushing

Basic beauty airbrushing for photo retouching starts at $1.29 per image. 

Choose basic for beauty airbrushing edits for retouching people in your product photos. Use this for small corrections like: 

  • Removing small or simple tattoos
  • Fixing minor blemishes
  • Whitening teeth
  • Removing stray hairs

Here are some examples of basic beauty airbrushing jobs:

  • Removing distracting stray hairs from the back and neck area

  • Getting rid of a piece of hair which is out of place

  • Removing small tattoos

  • Fixing awkward tan lines

  • Whitening teeth 

When to choose advanced beauty airbrushing

Advanced beauty airbrushing for photo retouching starts at $2.99 per image. 

Select advanced beauty airbrushing for complex edits you need made on the people featured in your product shots. This involves smoothing or fixing larger and more complicated areas of an image. 

Examples include changes such as adding makeup or changing makeup color, filling in eyebrows, making skin tone appear more even while maintaining skin texture, smoothing out skin blemishes or fixing large and more complicated areas like the appearance of unnaturally shiny skin that often happens during a photo shoot. 

Here are several examples of when to choose advanced beauty airbrushing:

  • Adding makeup 

  • Changing makeup color to match your brand colors 

  • Removing undergarments that distract from the featured product

  • Adjusting shadows to make the skin on the legs appear more even and smooth

What to do when you don’t know which complexity to select for photo retouching > beauty airbrushing

If you’re not sure which complexity to select, you can always select basic beauty airbrushing and leave a comment. We’ll check it out and send you an accurate quote. 

Remember: you’ll need to approve the quote before we start retouching your images. 

You can add comments during step 2 of the quote request process. 

On step 2 ADD COMMENTS, scroll to where it says “Is there anything you want to tell our retouchers about your edits?”

Enter your notes in the box underneath where it says ADDITIONAL COMMENTS.

After you submit your quote request, you’ll receive a quote via email within 45 minutes. If you don’t see it, make sure to check your spam folder.

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