How do I choose image complexity for multi-clipping path services?

We offer four levels of complexity for multi-clipping path services. Multi-clipping path pricing is determined by the number of layers, how complex the layers are, or how much detail is involved within each layer. 

  1. Complexity 1: Basic multi-clipping paths are used on objects where the shape's exterior and interior sections are made up of just a few smooth or straight edges. Basic multi-clipping paths are great for simple objects with different areas or interior sections that need to be edited. Choose this service if you have objects like smart watches, modular desks and tables, or sunglasses or eyeglasses that need separate paths for the lenses and the frames.
  2. Complexity 2: Simple multi-clipping paths are great for objects with exteriors and interiors composed of a few straight or curved edges. These objects are a little more complex than basic multi-clipping paths because they have multiple interior areas or are made up of groupings of simple objects. Use this service when you have groupings of dishes, mugs, or cutlery, or stacks of solid color towels, sheets, or other linens in different colors. 
  3. Complexity 3: Medium multi-clipping paths work for photos of complete outfits or very complex garments that have multiple color possibilities for each section. This service is great for images with models wearing multiple pieces, such as pants, shirts, or garments with complicated clasps or ties.
  4. Complexity 4: Complex multi-clipping paths are perfect when images are so complex that multi-clipping paths need to be used in conjunction with other techniques to fully isolate the object. Complex multi-clipping paths cost more than other clipping paths because several different techniques are applied to the image to achieve a natural-looking effect. You’ll want to use this service with images like furniture with multiple cut-outs, complicated jewelry with detailed links or multiple gemstones, or images with more than one furry or fuzzy-edged product.
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