How do I choose image complexity for image masking services?

We offer five types of image masking services. Pricing is based on the total number of sections that need masking, the difference between the object and its background, and the background color (because it’s more complicated to separate objects that are similar in color to the background).

  1. Complexity 1: Basic image masking projects have simple, smooth edges around most of the object, with a small portion of the image containing fur, hair, or transparency. Projects usually include transparent or translucent empty containers, accessories and jewelry with tassels, eyeglasses, and items with a fringed hem.  
  2. Complexity 2: Simple image masking projects make up for almost 50% of image masking orders at Path. These images are a little more involved than “basic” images because more of the object’s area has furry or fuzzy edges, or the object has complex, smooth edges. Complexity 2 is great for photos with one person with a head of hair, jewelry with intricate settings or translucent gemstones, topiaries, fur-lined items. 
  3. Complexity 3: Medium complexity image masking projects are the second most common category for image masking projects. These images may have fur or hair covering the entire subject or contain varying levels of transparency throughout the object’s edges or area. Examples that are a good fit for this level are stuffed animals, clothing with furry or fuzzy edges, sheer fabrics, and photos with two people.
  4. Complexity 4: Complex image masking projects might have multiple people (or animals) in a single photo or images with complicated surfaces with lots of holes, like a net. Sometimes images with shadows or multiple background colors fit in this category, too, because they require a combination of image masking techniques. 
  5. Complexity 5: Super complex image masking projects have highly intricate borders and require a variety of image masking techniques. A very small number of image masking projects fall into the super complex category and can include items like feathers or pine needles or images with large groups of people. 

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