How do I choose image complexity for dust, spot, and scratch removal?

There are two categories with their own pricing for photo retouching to remove dust, spots, and scratches from images: 

  1. Complexity 1: Basic, starting at 69¢ per image
  2. Complexity 2: Advanced, starting at $2.49 per image

When to choose basic for photo retouching > dust, spot, and scratch removal

Basic photo retouching for dust, spot, and scratch removal starts at 69¢ per image. 

Choose basic for simple, minor, or small retouching needs—maybe a single speck of dust or just a few minor imperfections. You’ll select basic to remove things like: 

  • Dust
  • Spots
  • Blemishes
  • Dents
  • Scratches
  • Minor product damage
  • Chips

Here are a few examples when to select basic photo retouching for your edits:

  • Smoothing out a few small scratches on the lens of a pair of sunglasses:

  • Getting rid of signs of slight wear on the product box or packaging

  • Removing a small string from a tag

When to choose advanced for photo retouching > dust, spot, and scratch removal

Advanced photo retouching for dust, spot, and scratch removal starts at $2.49 per image. 

Select advanced for more complex edits involving significant scratches or major imperfections, lots of dust or scratches, or large areas of damage. You might use this option for severely damaged or stained products, poor-quality smartphone photos, low-quality user-generated content (UGC), and vintage photos. 

Here are a few examples of when to use advanced for your image edits:

  • Removing large areas of of dust from a dirty product 

  • Fixing lots of scratches on a product 

  • Smoothing inconsistencies in suede fabric

What to do if you don’t know which complexity to choose

If you’re not sure which complexity to select, you can always leave a comment. We’ll check it out and send you an accurate quote. Remember: you’ll need to approve the quote before we start retouching your images. 

  • On step 2 ADD COMMENTS, scroll to where it says “Is there anything you want to tell our retouchers about your edits?”

  • Enter your notes in the box underneath where it says ADDITIONAL COMMENTS.

After you submit your quote request, you’ll receive a quote via email within 45 minutes. If you don’t see it, make sure to check your spam folder.

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