How to request a custom quote

Here’s how to request a new quote from Path for your next image-editing project. 

You'll receive your custom quote within 45 minutes of submitting your request. You can access the quote request form from the main navigation menu (or you can click here to get a new quote). 

How to request a quote for Path photo editing services

  • Step 1: Choose photo editing services for your quote
  • Step 2: Select the editing complexity
  • Step 3: Set a deadline
  • Step 4: Chose complementary services 
  • Step 3: Tell us how many images you need
  • Step 6: Upload your images
  • Step 7: Tell us where to send your quote
  • Step 8: Preview your quote
  • Step 9: Make any necessary changes
  • Step 10: Submit your quote
  • Step 11: Review and approve your quote

Step 1: Choose photo editing services for your quote

Let us know what kinds of edits you need by selecting the services from the list. Each service has its own pricing. Telling us the photo editing service you need helps us prepare an accurate quote and mitigate back-and-forth so you can get your images faster. You can choose one or multiple image editing services for your quote.

If you’re not sure which image editing service you need, click on the eye icon next to each service to see a description with more information and a sample image. 

Step 2: Select the editing complexity

Next you’ll need to tell us how complicated and complex your editing needs are. 

Click View More to get help choosing the complexity level for your edits. If your images have different levels of complexity, choose the average or give us your best guess—every quote is reviewed by someone from our team, so we’ll figure it out.

Note that each image editing service has its own options for complexity. For example, clipping path has six different options while ghost mannequin only has two levels of complexity. 

Some photo editing services have subcategories, so you’ll need to select which describes your needs. Shadow, for example, has five subcategories for different types of drop shadow and reflection editing needs.

If you’re unsure, you can always click the eye icon to view examples. 

Step 3: Set a deadline 

Next, let us know when you need your edited images back. 

Choose from six options, each with its own pricing. The faster you need your edits, the more your project will cost. If you have time, you can reduce your editing costs by giving us 96 hours or more. 

Step 4: Choose our complementary services 

The next step is optional. Select the checkbox next to the free Add-on services you want: 

  1. Straighten crop and set margin: helpful for image cropping standardization on marketplaces like Amazon and Walmart
  2. Resize images: helpful for photo size standardization for large batches of images

Both of these optional image editing services are added at no extra cost.

Step 5: Tell us how many images you need edited

Next, let us know how many images you need edited. You can either input this number manually or use the +/- icon.

Step 6: Upload your images

Next, it’s time to upload your images so our team can review your request and work on your quote. 

You can drag and drop, paste, or use the file selector to upload your images to the quote request form. JPG is preferred, but you can also use PSD, TIFF, PNG, NEF, RAW, CR2, DNG, or PDF files.

Step 7: Tell us where to send your quote

Next, let us know who you are and where to send your quote by entering your contact information in the corresponding form fields.

Step 8: Preview your quote

Scroll to the bottom to review your quote request to see a preview of your estimated price. The price shown is only an estimate. You’ll receive an official quote from the Path team once we’ve reviewed everything by hand. 

You can review your order selections by clicking on the i (information) next to the estimated total. 

Quick tip: You can change the settings to see pricing in your local currency. Look for the drop-down menu in the upper right corner and select your preferred currency.

Step 9: Make any necessary changes

If you need to make changes to your quote request, click ← BACK and make your changes. 

Step 10: Submit your quote

Once you’ve reviewed your order and everything looks good, it’s time to submit your quote.

Click SUBMIT QUOTE → to send your request on its way. 

Check for the following confirmation screen: 

After you’ve submitted your quote, we’ll send you an email confirming we have received your request. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam folder. The email will come from and say it’s from Path with “Your quote request has been received” as the subject line. 

Quick tip: If you need to submit another quote, click on the REQUEST ANOTHER QUOTE → button and follow the steps above.

Step 11: Review and approve your quote

You’ll receive your quote within 45 minutes of submission. Check for an email from us with the subject “Re: Your quote #QABC123456 is ready!” 

Finally, review your quote and click the APPROVE QUOTE button.

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