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How to customize and confirm your Path order

After you've received your quote, you can customize your order further. Find out how to customize according to your specifications and preferences, and then how to confirm your order so we can start.


Review your quote

After you’ve received your quote, you may review it. After logging in to your Path account, click on QUOTES in the main navigation.

Here, you’ll see a list of your past and current quotes. Click on the VIEW QUOTE button in the row corresponding to the quote you’d like to review.

Note: The Status column in the corresponding row should be green and say “Ready.” If it says something else, that particular quote is no longer customizable — either we’re still preparing it or you’ve already approved it in the past.

Next, you’ll be taken to the quote details page for your selected quote. This will show basic information like who the quote is for, the quote number, status and date submitted.

Customize your order

Below the basic information is where you can begin the customizations for your order. Your customization options include:

  • Change the turnaround time
  • Adjust the number of images you need
  • Select a return file format
  • Choose whether or not to resize your images
  • Straighten, crop, and set margin
  • Include necessary additional comments

Change the turnaround time

Depending on your deadlines, you can adjust the turnaround time for receiving your edited images back. Look for When do you need the edited images back? and select the option that will work for you. You can choose from as little as six hours to more than three days.

Changing the turnaround time for your edited images will also affect the price. The longer you give us, the lesser your investment. We’ve also added handy percentages that show you just how much the price will change.

Adjust the number of images you need

If the number of images you need edited has changed since you first submitted your quote, you can let us know at this stage. Click inside the form or use the arrows to choose the appropriate number.

Tip: Remember that you’ll need to submit a separate quote if you have additional images with different editing needs.

Select a return file format

In the Return file format drop-down menu, you can choose which file type you want us to save and send your edited images.

There are lots of options to choose from, depending on the type of image-editing service you need. Return file format options may include:

  • JPEG
    • White background
    • Custom background
    • Original background
  • PSD
    • White background
    • Transparent background
    • Layer mask
    • Custom background
    • Original background
  • TIFF
    • White background
    • Transparent background
    • Layer mask
    • Custom background
    • Original background
  • PNG
    • Transparent background
    • White background
    • Custom background
  • Illustrator (AI)
  • Illustrator (EPS)
  • Illustrator (SVG)
  • PDF

Choose whether or not to resize your images

If you don’t need us to resize your images, and the original size works just fine, select No. If you do need us to resize your images — this is helpful if you need a uniform size to upload product photos to Amazon, for example — enter the new dimensions. You can type these numbers in manually or use the up/down arrows.

Straighten, crop, and set margin

If you want us to straighten your images and crop to the subject with a standard margin, check the box next to Straighten, crop and set margin (FREE). As noted, this additional service is complimentary with your order, should you want to use it.

Include necessary additional comments

Finally, use the Additional comments (optional) box to let us know anything else important about your project. Because we fulfill every order by hand, one of our customer service representatives will personally review each order, including those comments.

Add your order to your shopping cart

After you’ve made sure all the settings are correct, click the ADD TO CART button in the lower right corner.

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