How to submit feedback or request revision for an order

Should you identify any discrepancies or areas for improvement in the images provided for your order, we encourage you to initiate a revision request. Additionally, if there are specific aspects you wish to highlight for future orders, rather than requesting an immediate revision, this information is invaluable to us. Both actions can be efficiently facilitated through the use of the 'Order Revision Form', accessible via the Customer Dashboard.

Where to find the revision request form?

You can find it in two places:

Order shipping email

At the conclusion of the order shipping email, you will discover a direct link, as illustrated in the accompanying screenshot, leading you to the 'Revision Request Form' for your order.

Customer Dashboard

Within the Customer Dashboard, under the 'ORDERS' section, you will find your recent orders. To initiate a revision for a specific order, please locate the relevant order in this list. Accompanying each order, you will find a dedicated link which directs you to the 'Order Revision Form'.

How to fill-out the revision request form?

We've designed the 'Order Revision Form' to be easy to use. It gathers all the important details we need to quickly take care of your revision request. This way, you can easily tell us what you need, and we can make the necessary changes without any hassle.

Request a revision

To ask for changes on some or all images, just pick one of the first two options that fits your situation. After that, you'll see more fields where you can add extra details. You can upload images to show what you need, explain what's wrong, and include any other information that might help.

Report an issue

If you don't need changes right now but want to tell us about an issue for future orders, you can use the same form. Just select the third option, as shown in the screenshot below. When you pick this option, a new field will pop up where you can write your feedback. This lets us keep track of your feedback for next time.

What is the process that follows once I have submitted the form, and how is my request handled by your team?

Once you send the form, our production team gets your information right away. They'll start working on it immediately, without having to go through any other department.

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