How to download your edited images

After an order is complete, we'll send an email to you containing a link to download your images.

Click and open the link to your browser. If you are not logged into your account, you'll be asked to log in first. We might deliver your order either via Dropbox transfer or FTP based on your upload preference of the order such as, if you uploaded your images using the Web browser option, we'll by default deliver your images via Dropbox transfer etc.

Download images via Dropbox

For this option, you'll be displayed with a Dropbox link containing your edited images. Click the link to download your images.

Download images via FTP

For this option, you'll be displayed with a button to enable your FTP account if you haven't already. Click the button and choose a password for your FTP account. For step by step guidance, take a look at this article, How to enable my FTP account?

Once you have enabled and logged into your FTP account, you can download your edited images.

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